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Physical Exams Specialist

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To ensure your body is functioning optimally, you should schedule a routine physical exam at PrimeCare Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Patrick Evivie, MD, FACP, RPVI, and Hans Kwaku, MD, MPH, FACP, along with Kim Neely, PA-C, MSPAS, offer comprehensive physicals to keep you healthy, including necessary health screenings and diagnostic testing. Learn more about the benefits of routine physical exams by calling the office today or schedule a physical online.

Physical Exams Q & A

Why do I need a physical exam?

A physical exam allows the PrimeCare Medical Center team to evaluate your overall health and well-being each year. Routine physicals make it possible to track any changes to your health that can indicate your risk for diseases or disorders that affect your health now or in the future.

Routine physicals also are an ideal opportunity to get caught up on necessary immunizations and to undergo preventive health screenings based on your own health history and the medical history of your family.

Some organizations, including sports teams and potential employers, often require a physical exam as a requirement for registration or the hiring process.

What can I expect during a physical exam?

During your physical, you can expect to discuss your current health and any concerns you have about an existing health problem.

Dr. Evivie and Dr. Kwaku review your medical history to determine if you need health screenings based on your risk factors for conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.

For the physical exam portion of your appointment, Dr. Kwaku and Dr. Evivie will:

  • Take your temperature
  • Listen to your heart and lungs
  • Evaluate the health of your skin
  • Test muscle strength and flexibility
  • Examine your eyes, ears, nose, and throat

To identify potential abnormalities in your organs, they will palpitate, or feel, the structures externally.

Will I need blood work?

If you have an existing health condition like diabetes or high cholesterol, Dr. Evivie and Dr. Kwaku will request blood work to evaluate your condition and check the effectiveness of your treatment.

You might also need blood work if your health history or family history indicates you’re at increased risk for conditions like diabetes or if you have symptoms that could indicate an infection.

Routine blood work might also be necessary if you’re taking medication that increases your risk for organ damage or other health complications.

How should I prepare for a physical exam?

You should make a list of any prescription medications and the dosages you take to bring to the appointment. Notes about any health concerns you have can also ensure you get the answers you need.

If you’re having blood work or another test, follow the instructions provided for not eating or drinking prior to your appointment.

If you have paperwork relating to a required physical, bring it with you so that the PrimeCare Medical Center staff can properly complete it.

Schedule a physical exam conveniently online or call the office to schedule your appointment.

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