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Weight Management Specialist

PrimeCare Medical Center

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Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to long-term vitality and functionality. Hans Kwaku, MD, MPH, FACP, and Patrick Evivie, MD, FACP, RPVI, offer solutions at PrimeCare Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, to help you reach your weight goals. Whether you need help losing those last few pounds or need to address obesity, the compassionate staff offers a variety of services to meet your needs. Contact the office by phone or book online today to learn more about weight management services.

Weight Management Q & A

Why is a healthy weight important?

Maintaining a healthy weight is vital to good health for a number of reasons. Primarily, a healthy weight can significantly reduce your risk of a number of potentially life-threatening conditions, including:

  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease

A healthy weight can also reduce unnecessary pressure on your muscles, organs, and joints, preventing the development of arthritis and fertility issues.

Why do I keep gaining weight?

For some, their genetic makeup puts them at higher risk of being overweight or obese. Your genes could be why you are likely to distribute and store fat in ways that differ from others.

Many people struggle to maintain a healthy weight because of the lifestyle choices they make. Not exercising daily and eating a poor diet are common causes of weight gain and can relate to why you have a problem losing weight.

Age also plays a factor in successful weight loss. As you grow older, your body’s metabolism slows down, requiring even more physical activity and healthy eating to lose pounds and maintain a healthy weight.

What weight management services are available?

If you’re already struggling to lose extra pounds, Dr. Evivie and Dr. Kwaku can determine if underlying medical issues are making it difficult for you to lose weight. If you’re unsure how to start your weight loss journey, they can work with you to develop the best plan to achieve your weight goal.

During your appointment, Dr. Evivie and Dr. Kwaku review your medical history and current health and perform a physical exam.

To understand your weight loss needs, they review your lifestyle, including diet and exercise routine, to determine what changes you need to make to achieve weight loss.

Common treatment options to promote successful weight loss include:

  • Better sleep habits
  • Eating a low-fat, low-calorie diet
  • Engaging in more daily physical activity
  • Better managing underlying medical conditions

Through routine checkups, Dr. Kwaku and Dr. Evivie can monitor your progress and make necessary changes to your diet or exercise plan.

Find out more about weight management services today by calling PrimeCare Medical Center or by using the online booking feature.

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