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Worker's Compensation Specialist

PrimeCare Medical Center

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Injury or illness directly related to your work can qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. At PrimeCare Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, Patrick Evivie, MD, FACP, RPVI, and Hans Kwaku, MD, MPH, FACP, can assess your condition and assist in your workers’ compensation case. Call the practice or book an appointment online to discuss workers’ compensation stipulations and filing practices.

Worker's Compensation Q & A

What is workers’ compensation?

It’s a state law that employers provide benefits to any employee who suffers job-related injuries and illnesses. Laws vary from state to state, but if you can prove you suffered the injury at work, you could be eligible for benefits. The injury could have been your fault, the fault of your employer or co-worker, or of a vendor.

What types of medical conditions fall under workers’ compensation?

Any fall, injury, or illness suffered at work or while completing work duties – such as traveling on business or while driving a company car – could qualify for workers’ compensation. Eligible issues aren’t always due to a one-off incident like an accident. You can experience injuries related to overuse or misuse like repetitive stress work tasks. Sometimes, chronic back problems can be covered by workers’ compensation if it’s clear your job was at fault.

How are suspected workers’ compensation cases evaluated?

If you suffered an accident, our urgent care facility can provide X-rays, stitches, and other immediate diagnostic and treatment needs. If you have a chronic issue caused by work, the team of providers can also provide evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment.


Dr. Evivie and Dr. Kwaku want you to return to full function as soon as possible. If you should end up with a permanent disability, they can also help relieve your pain and restore as much function as possible. They can help you, and your employer, understand how soon you can return to work and what restrictions you’ll be under when you do.

How is a doctor chosen in a workers’ compensation case?

Check with your employer to ensure PrimeCare Medical Center is an approved provider prior to your appointment. Whom you can see for workers’ compensation-related injuries depends on the state laws, your employer, and the insurance company. The staff at PrimeCare Medical Center will follow up with the insurance company to get approval for diagnosis and treatment.

For more information about how the practice can play a pivotal role in your workers’ compensation case, call the office or schedule an appointment online.

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